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Empowering Australians
Consumer-Centred Health Care:
Strategies for Implementing Transformational Health Reform

Melbourne 21-22 March 2011
Angliss Conference Centre

This national conference over two days will explore strategies for transformational change in health policy and practice towards consumer-centred health care.

It follows the formation in 2010 of the
National Campaign for Consumer-Centred Health Care. The Campaign adopted four principles and five areas of innovation as starting points for the re-direction of health reform away from a narrow pre-occupation with hospitals to a focus on the total consumer experience of health and health care. As starting points in this process, the Campaign has a focus on the funding and structuring of consumer decision-making, empowerment, self-care and self-management. Click here for further details.

This conference will explore and develop strategies for implementing these principles and facilitating innovation throughout the Australian health system. Our interest is in both small-scale and localised innovations and system-wide change.

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Call for Papers

Papers, presentations, workshops and displays are invited on issues, case studies and methodologies in the implementation of transformational health reform in Australia, including proposals for strategic initiatives and innovation in the direction of consumer-centred health care.

Papers which offer critical assessments of the principles and innovation priorities outlined to date by the National Campaign for Consumer-Centred Health Care will be especially welcome.

The Campaign's f
our principles:

  • My Life. My History
    Information about a personís health history and care strategies belongs to that person, and authority in management of and access to this information resides with each person.
  • My Life. My Care
    A person requiring health care interventions should be resourced with the means to acquire independent personalised information and support in making decisions about care options and coordination.
  • Self-Care and Self-Management
    A person with chronic or complex health conditions has a right to expect support from providers and practitioners in developing their capacity for self-care and self-management in their journey towards better health.
  • My Life. My Money
    A person requiring health care interventions has a right to know the price, quality and safety credentials of these interventions.

The Campaign's five areas of innovation:

  • Person-Controlled Electronic Health Records
  • Direct Care Coordination and Brokerage Package for every consumer with a diagnosed chronic and mental illness
  • Person-Controlled Health Management Tool
  • Health Care Price and Safety Information
  • Local Incubators of Innovation

Abstracts in no more than 300 words should be forwarded by Friday 18 February 2011 to:

Vern Hughes
Conference Convenor
0425 722 890

Or you may click on the link below and using this online form:

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      Who Should Attend? 

      The conference is open to anyone with a passion for system change in
      health care.

      Health sector organisations with an interest in innovation and partnerships
      with consumers and communities are especially urged to attend and

      Policy makers with an interest in facilitating strategic reform initiatives are
      also urged to attend.

      Consumers with an interest in driving system change towards consumer-
      centred health care will not want to miss this event.

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Registration Fees (Cost includes GST)

  Individuals and families (self-funded, not paid for by their employer) $88

  Groups (self-help, advocacy, community) $220

  Service providers, practitioners $440

  Academics, researchers $440

  Commercial (trainers, consultants, planners) $550

  Government $660


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Further information

Vern Hughes
0425 722 890




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21/22 March 2010
National Conference, Melbourne. Consumer-Centred Health Care:  Strategies for Implementing Transformational Health Reform.
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