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    Integrated preventative health care for people with chronic illness, mental illness and disability and their families

       CIMID = Chronic Illness, Mental Illness and Disability

The CIMID Health Plan is a voluntary opt-in health plan for people with chronic illness, mental illness and disability. Individuals with these conditions, and their families/carers, are invited to enrol with the Plan, the Plan will then negotiate with the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing (as a number of indigenous health organisations currently do) for funding arrangements for the development of packages of integrated care for its enrolled members.

This is in response to the ground-breaking recommendation of the Final Report of the National Hospital and Health Reform Commission (NHHRC), presented on 30 June 2009, that the Commonwealth consider the development of a system of competing health plans, as a consumer-centred, consumer choice-based extension of Medicare, badged in the Report as Medicare Select.

This is a unique opportunity for people with chronic illness, mental illness and disability to take some giant steps towards integrated person-centred health care, with a strong emphasis on coordinated care and preventative strategies.

The CIMID Health Plan will be a demonstration project in how a health plan for person-centred care might be developed and implemented by and for people with chronic illnesses, mental illnesses and disability.

Our aim is to draw participants from existing networks and groups who have an interest in care coordination, consumer choice and self-management. 

We envisage that several partners will participate in the Plan from the corporate, academic and community organisation fields. We also wish to partner with several national bodies in the health reform debate.

By describing this as a demonstration project, we acknowledge that there will be a lot of trialling and testing of innovative arrangements for mutual benefit. The political purpose of the demonstration project is to promote a greater awareness of the person-  centred agenda amongst governments, health policy makers, service providers and consumers, so that this direction can be pursued in the years to come.

Governments are searching searching for innovative models in chronic and mental illness and aged frailty/disability, but the perennial obstacle to their efforts is the lack of a mechanism for demand aggregation (that is, a means of developing a pool of consumers for whom alternative funding and care arrangements can be planned, assembled, implemented and evaluated).

As an opt-in pool of consumers and families with close familiarity with various service models in disability, mental and chronic illness, and aged frailty, we can assist the government, and ourselves, by generating our own mechanism for demand aggregation. We understand, more than the average, healthy citizen, what an agenda of coordinated care is all about. Hence our own Health Plan.

The experiences gained by the Plan over the next six months will be presented at the National Conference on Consumer-Centred Health Care: Policy, Innovation and Empowerment on 22-23 March 2010 .

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How does it work?

It is very simple:

  • Participants enrol with the Plan by completing and submitting the Enrolment Form. There is no cost, and no obligation by enrolling.

  • With a pool of enrolled members, the Plan will negotiate with the Commonwealth on options, structures, systems and funding arrangements for developing integrated care arrangements for the pool of members.

  • A Leadership and Governance Panel will be established from participating individual members, supplemented with external contributors with expertise in various fields, to advise on the development of the Health Plan.

  • External organisations from the corporate, academic and community sectors will be invited to partner with the Plan in developing its agenda.

What do I do?

Just fill in this simple online form and tick the box to declare that you authorise the Plan to enter into negotiations with the Commonwealth to develop integrated person-centred arrangements for your health care. Nothing will happen beyond this without your considered consent. But in the interim, the Plan can be working for you in changing the landscape in which we are currently seeking coordinated personalised  care, and usually find only frustration.

In addition, you might like to consider these options:

  • Express your interest in joining the Plan's Leadership and Governance Panel

  • Offer your expertise in particular areas where you would like to be actively involved

 CLICK HERE to enrol. There is no cost.

Further information

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