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Practical solutions by families for families caring for members with special needs

Families in Partnership is a new approach to family support and service delivery developed by families for families following extensive research on best practice overseas and in Australia. 

It is enables families and individuals to have more say and more control over funding and services.

Families in Partnership aims to create solutions for families in four areas:

  • Family-based management of support/care packages

  • Housing and accommodation options

  • Schooling models and innovations

  • Employment and training supports and initiatives

Our focus is on pooling the ideas of families to come up with new initiatives and trying to implement these as directly as possible, cutting out the middle men.

Families in Partnership is a membership-based model. Membership costs only $55 per year and entitles families to participate in the network.

Support Package Service 

Families in receipt of support packages (HomeFirst, Support and Choice, Futures for Young Adults, ABI packages) may transfer management of these packages to Families in Partnership in order to exercise greater control over their money, with lower administration fees (FIP works with an authorised broker and fund-holder). 

We have developed three Support Options for families in the management of support/care packages:

  • Direct Family Management of packages in disability/aged care/chronic illness care 

  • Friends and Family MicroBoard Management (four to six committed friends and family)

  • Small Group Family Management (six to ten families working together)

Families transferring their support packages to FIP receive:

  • Information and training on choosing and setting up their Support Option 

  • Ongoing telephone and online support as required when issues or problems arise

  • An approved funds manager

  • An administrator to employ staff 

  • Free FIP membership

How to participate

Families: CLICK HERE to sign up for membership.

A membership form may be downloaded HERE.

For further information

Vern Hughes  03 9326 4481





Social Enterprise News 
A subscription e-newsletter (free to members). Local and international news and views on social enterprise, partnerships and innovation in government/community relationships; profiles of ventures of interest; and advertisements for employment vacancies in social enterprise. Annual subscription rate for non-members - $77 (includes GST).

Social Enterprise Update
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